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PLI Student Resources:


  • PLI Student Practicum form We will need your work information is Summer #2 for Practicum in School Site Management documentation and to complete our Standards Certification form that will accompany your Credential Application.

Other UC Berkeley Resources on the Web:

  • NEW! Cal Student Central Need a transcript? Have questions about your financial aid or a hold on your registration? Cal Student Central is your new destination for key university business related to financial aid, fees and billing, payments, disbursements, registration and enrollment.
  • Bear Facts provides information regarding your registration, grades, financial aid, billing, class schedule, and more.
  • Tele-BEARS (CalNet Login) an online system that students use to enroll in classes at Berkeley.
  • CalNet ID your username for many web-based campus services.
  • Campus WiFi Networks
    • AirBears is the standard wireless service for access to the campus network. It provides access to all students, faculty and staff. In addition it has the provision for the creation of short-term guest accounts for campus visitors.
    • AirBears2 is an enhanced replacement service for AirBears. It provides simplified authentication procedures and improved security for data being transmitted over the air. Currently it does not have support for guest accounts. Airbears2 goes live! June 5, 2013
    • attwifi is a service provided by AT&T Wireless. It is available to AT&T customers with devices that are provisioned for the service. It is also available to members of the general public for a fee.
  • bConnected your @berkeley.edu e-mail account: Berkeley's implementation of Google Apps for Education, including Mail, Calendar, and Docs/Drive.
  • Cal 1 Card your official campus ID. How do I get one?
  • bSpace a web-based communication and collaboration environment.
  • Software Central software downloads for UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and students, including email client software, other Internet applications, security applications such as firewall and antivirus, and other utilities.

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