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Scholarship Endowment Fund

2010-2011 Cohort Giving Update

Since 2000, when the first cohort of PLI completed the program, each graduating class has offered a parting gift to the Academic Coordinator - Lynda Tredway to show their appreciation for the learning and the journey. Cohort 8 upped the ante by not only coming together to present a class gift but by making that gift symbolize their commitment to the program and to the continuing support of Bay Area Children PLI style. They pledged a 100% commitment to the Endowment Fund - every single person in the cohort pledged to make a contribution to the fund. That pledge has subsequently become the standard and the tradition for PLI giving. Since 2008 each cohort has strived to reach that bar.

gift check
3' x 5' Gift Check presented by Cohort 10 at their finishing celeberation

In doing so, PLI has become one of the top programs in the Graduate School of Education in terms of student giving with over $150,000 contributed to the PLI Scholarship Endowment to date.

Cohort Percentage of Participation



Total Contributions By Cohort



Contributing to the PLI Scholarship Endowment

What is the PLI Scholarship Endowment Fund?

Your investment in the PLI Scholarship Fund will help us build an endowment to provide scholarships for aspiring PLI leaders. The principal of the endowment is held intact in perpetuity and invested for growth to provide a steady flow of income to provide annual scholarship awards for students enrolled in the PLI.

Please help us build the PLI Scholarship Endowment by making a contribution and supporting the program’s unwavering commitment to preparing and supporting outstanding PLI leaders. As you well know, scholarship support makes a tremendous difference for PLI students and is essential to building a well-prepared and diverse corps of urban school leaders. Your tax deductible gift will ensure that scholarships are available to PLI students far into the future.

UC Berkeley Matches

This is a wonderful opportunity to donate and leverage a larger impact through UC Berkeley matching programs now in play:

  • The New Alumni Challenge will match all gifts from Cohorts 6 through 11 dollar-for-dollar. This is a great way to make your contribution go a long way!
  • The Chancellor's Challenge will match all gifts to the PLI Scholarship Endowment from currently enrolled students, faculty and staff dollar for dollar. Gifts from Cohort 11 will qualify for both matching programs, tripling your gift!

How to Donate

You may make your gift online or send a check payable to UC Berkeley Foundation designated for the PLI Endowed Scholarship Fund #FW6277000, to the address below.

Many of you have discovered that a relatively easy way to give is through monthly Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) from your bank account. Complete the Electronic Fund Transfer Authorization form PDF and your gifts can start building for as little as $5 per month! All EFT gifts that qualify are matched by the New Alumni Challenge and Chancellor's Challenge as well! We are so grateful to those of you that have already signed up for EFT giving.

Thank you for your gift and for the work you do every day for the children in our communities!

University of California, Berkeley
Office of Development & External Relations
Graduate School of Education
3615 Tolman Hall # 1670
Berkeley, CA 94720-1670
(510) 643-9784

The PLI Honor Roll of Donors

Annual contributions are listed in the Graduate School of Education's annual Berkeley Educator Magazine.