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Leadership Connection Online

Registration for the Leadership Connection Online 2017–2018 cohort is open now! Click here to register.

The Leadership Connection Online (LCO) is an eight-month online professional development program to support PLI alumni as they work in leadership roles. LCO connects you with a group of 5-6 PLI alumni and a trained facilitator to examine the leadership dilemmas and problems of practice you face in your work. The goal of LCO is for you to improve your equity-focused leadership through structured collaboration with a community of peers.

If so, there are LCO groups for you! Registration for the 2017-2018 cohort is open now.

LCO offers you

connection to a network of school leaders in the Bay Area and beyond who share your commitment to social justice

access to a trained facilitator who is an experienced school leader and who can support your leadership development

a supportive, non-judgmental environment for discussing leadership dilemmas

an opportunity to continue the thought-provoking conversations that were the hallmark of your PLI and LSP experiences

insight into how leaders in other districts and states are approaching the challenges of school leadership

experience using the consultancy protocol (as developed by the National School Reform Faculty)

practice with online learning tools

a meeting schedule and platform that allows you to collaborate with other leaders without having to travel to the UC Berkeley campus.

needs-based scholarships through the application/registration process.

LCO participants convene online eight times during the academic year (August-April). Each meeting is two-hours and all meetings occur synchronously in the online platform. Your group will jointly decide on the meeting schedule for each month (typically a consistent weekday evening or weekend). In addition to the eight meetings, participants receive one-on-one consultation opportunities with their group facilitator and continuous access to the group and facilitator between meetings.

Sample Meeting Agenda

Participant Check-In (15 min.)

Update on last session's leadership dilemma (20 min.)

Leadership Consultancy (1 hr.)

Discussion of dilemma-relevant resources (15 min.)

Norms and Process Check (10 min.)

Comments from recent participants

"...In this group I felt helpful and helped– my bubble expanded."

"It has been good to safely share challenges without judgment and to then hear suggestions from people I respect."

"This experience has opened my mind to online PD."

"I continue to enjoy the positive environment and support of those in the group. We are cheering each other on in this work, and having people urging you to do better (when it is so hard) is really important. The fact that the meetings are highly structured supports good outcomes and balanced participation."

For more information, contact Cheryl Domenichelli at