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Cornerstone Program: Building a Stronger Foundation of Teacher Leadership

The Cornerstone Program is an equity-focused four-unit course focused on leadership development designed specifically for in- and out-of-classroom teacher leaders interested in improving their ability to engage colleagues and key stakeholders. The course builds upon teacher leaders’ experience and work in service of vulnerable and historically underserved student populations by:

  • Deepening participants’ understanding of the various dimensions of instructional leadership
  • Increasing coaching capacity over time through inputs, support, and practice
  • Imparting a deeper understanding of the core practices within the disciplines taught in K-12 educational settings
  • Strengthening participants’ professional network and support communities to support continuous growth and learning

What distinguishes our program from other programs?

  • Focus on leadership and equity and their intersection with content, rather than content as the center
  • Growth model: expect to see participant growth over time through inputs, support, practice, and supportive networks
  • Embraces a model of education leadership that includes classroom teacher leaders, out of classroom teacher leaders, and formal school leaders
  • Includes opportunities to expand learning about innovative instructional models

Core Course Modules

  1. Intersections of identity and leadership
  2. Designing effective professional learning opportunities
  3. Instructional coaching
  4. Supporting effective classroom assessment
  5. Developing a systemic lens and understanding change

Admission Prerequisites

  • Must hold a clear teaching credential.
  • Must hold a position of leadership within the educational agency. Leadership positions include club advisor, afterschool program lead, department chair, and specialist.
  • Must submit a letter of recommendation from a colleague or administrator demonstrating leadership potential.

Course Details

  • Format: Hybrid Online (On Campus and Online portions). 
  • Schedule: Click here to view the Cornerstone calendar. See "C2" events for Cohort 2 meetings (start date August 7th, 2017) or "C3" events for Cohort 3 meetings (start date September 9th, 2017). 
  • Cost: $4000

How to Apply

Applications are currently closed as Cohorts 2 and 3 are in progress. We will begin accepting applications for future cohorts in Spring 2018


Email or call PLI at (510) 643-7458.