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Purchasing & Reimbursement Forms

As a result of our recent transition to Campus Shared Services, some of our forms have changed. Please contact the Business Services Office to ensure you are using the correct form before proceeding.

All payments or reimbursement/order requests submitted to the BSO must be accompanied by one of our forms below, completed in full and with all required signatures. BSO Budget Administrators will return any payment/reimbursement/order requests submitted with an incomplete form, or without a form. If you are uncertain about which form to use, contact your Budget Administrator (click here to see a list of BSO Budget Administrators).

Requests for any type reimbursement must be supported by documentation clearly showing proof of payment (original receipts, invoices marked “Paid in Full,” credit card or bank statements, etc.). Note that certain expenses require specific documentation (e.g., zero-balance statement for lodging reimbursement), so it is important to read the form instructions before obtaining and submitting receipts. Receipts should be taped-not stapled- to 81/2” x 11” sheets of paper on one side of the paper only (not taped to the front and back); the back of scratch paper is fine.

Requests for payment must be accompanied by supporting documentation such as a quote from a vendor or individual prior to when the service begins and an invoice after the service has been completed.


BSO Forms

CSS Forms

Campus Purchasing Portal (BearBuy)

All orders for campus preferred vendors (OfficeMax, Give Something Back, Apple, Dell and Lenova) should be placed through BearBuy.  More Info...

Campus Shared Services Information

Please visit the following url to obtain instructions on how to submit a Travel and Entertainment reimbursement and for locations to on-site satellite offices that offers support for processing reimbursements charged on contracts and grants funding.

Campus Shared Services Navigator (Reference Guide)

It is sometimes difficult to determine where to go for what information and which form(s) to use for different expenditure types. The navigator (or reference guide) below guides you to the correct information.

It links to various forms, instructions, and webpages based on the most common business-related needs. The decision tree addresses entertainment expenses in particular, with different scenarios and links to associated forms and BearBuy submission methods.