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Payment for Services Request Form

The campus has restrictions on the types of services which are payable, as well as who can be paid for services rendered. Certain types of payment for services cannot be processed by the BSO, but must be requisitioned through the campus’ Procurement & Business Contracts Office. It is a best practice, before any payment agreement is made, to first contact your Budget Administrator. <See:>. Your Budget Administrator can help determine whether and how an individual can be paid. Individuals receiving non-payroll service payments must complete a Conflict of Interest Certification form, see:

  • Honorarium: a payment given in recognition of a special service or distinguished achievement, for which custom or propriety forbids any fixed business price to be set (e.g., lecture, performance, or other creative activity). This payment type is 1099-reportable.
  • Participant Support (including Stipend): a project-related payment (including stipend, materials, travel, other) made to non-UC employees or students, intended to offset costs associated with participation in the project. This payment type is not subject to Human Subject protocols, and is not 1099-reportable.
  • Miscellaneous/Professional Services: these services are performed by independent contractors, and may be partnerships, firms, or corporations, as well as individuals, prior to when the service begins, which cannot be in excess of $4,999, use the Expedited Professional Services Form, SEE BELOW.
  • Miscellaneous/Professional Services – After the Fact: any service payments submitted after the work has begun and without prior authorization, please visit the supply chain site to complete an after the fact justification:

If the payee is a UCB employee, please contact the BSO before the service begins; the payee’s eligibility to receive such payments will first need to be determined. If the payee is a foreign national, additional forms are required. Refer to for instructions and forms to complete.